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Infinite, sustainable growth ideas and examples for strategic thinking executives every Sunday

Brexit Digital Change Management

5 Reasons Why You Need a Brexit Digital Change Strategy

Published on 2016-08-09 08:32

It’s an open secret that the votes have been counted and Brexit for many companies that trade with the EU has caused panic. Although it is likely to cause some instability in politics and the economy, e-commerce is still set to flourish. Looking back at the credit crunch in 2008, a lot of similar panics were caused however having the right digital change management strategy was what allowed discerning companies to stay afloat.

The changes are evolving daily. Just because direct trade within the EU may be under threat, the internet is not going to close its ranks. Instead, I propose that we are on the verge of an opportunity to trade in a different mode, which is where a sustainable digital change management strategy is needed.

  1. Change is already here!

Most don’t like the word “Change”, that’s why we have “Home Improvement”! However, in this instance, change is already here! Although this Brexit Digital change for many can be daunting it is however an opportunity to be proactive, not reactive. You can already see that changes were made to the Sterling value after the Brexit results, which gives you a pointer that the time to act is now! It is imperative to act before the full negative and positive impacts of Brexit are fully played out. I can help you put a digital change management strategy in place so that you are rightly positioned for the evolving Brexit Changes to the business landscape.

  1. It’s Better to Build A Dam, Than Manage a Flood Crisis

I remember visiting hydro dams with my parents as a boy. It is pretty impressive how water can be used to benefit the lives on the one part when it could become a disaster on the other hand when it becomes a flood.

By being proactive, rather than adopting a “wait and see” strategy, your business will be miles ahead of the curve, and you are more likely to raise your performance and sales during the changes. I will help you turn the challenges of Brexit into a digital boom for your business.

  1. If You fail to Plan, You simply Plan to Fail

Brexit or no Brexit, it is a basic fact of life that you need to plan for everything to achieve success. We all know that Brexit is the biggest event of our time. Every business involved in e-commerce/digital activities surely needs a digital change management strategy.

Without an agile plan in place, failure is certain with the twists and turns that are sure to come. This will allow them to be put into action right away rather than panicking last minute and falling behind companies already executing their plan. There was no plan in place for managing issues and risks that would come as a result of Brexit because there are no previous examples of the same situation in the UK that can be used, just because they didn’t plan it doesn’t mean that you can’t.

  1. There Will Be a Series of Changes

Considering that a lot of our laws are affected by the EU, there is an interesting period coming ahead. E-Commerce, Retail, trading, contract laws and many more regulations and laws relating to businesses will change one way or the other. Rather than being dazed by the coming changes or hoping to “Carry on, Don’t Lose Your Head”, an expertly crafted digital strategy that will deal with the coming changes has to be in place. The right communication and engagement with various stakeholders have to be affected.

  1. Managing Change Takes Time

We all know that effecting or managing change takes time. It’s even trickier to manage change properly.

As the impact of Brexit is bound to unfold, it is imperative to have a competent Brexit Digital Change Management Team to help avail of the opportunities and mitigate the impact of the risks and issues that are sure to come.

If you are worried about what the fallout from Brexit could mean for your business, then don’t just sit around waiting for the worst to happen. Get in touch via [email protected], or call +44 203 097 1718. I will be happy to help you draw up a clear Brexit change management strategy for the future so that you can rest assured that your business is prepared for the coming days and years.


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