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Infinite, sustainable growth ideas and examples for strategic thinking executives every Sunday


Innovate Africa With Dotun Adeoye Every Sunday

Infinite, sustainable growth ideas and examples for strategic thinking executives every Sunday

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Is There A Perfect Storm For Business Growth In 2023

In the next few years, we will see a lot of change. A lot of growth. A lot of opportunities. We’ll see a lot more technology, and sustainability becomes a top priority for businesses and governments alike—and enterprises to adapt to these changes or fall behind as other companies rise to meet them head-on. I’m excited about what this means for my company and everyone willing to embrace it!

The global economy itself is a balancing act.

In this context, a global economy is a balancing act between developed and emerging markets. Developed markets are those that have already reached high levels of prosperity while emerging markets are those that are still developing. In terms of technologies, it’s a balancing act between old and new technologies. Old technologies include cars and computers—things we all know about, but most people don’t use them anymore because more recent versions have replaced them. New technologies include mobile (cell ) phones, tablets and robots—things that are so advanced as to be almost unrecognisable to anyone who hasn’t seen them before in action (or perhaps even heard of them).

The third way in which the global economy is balanced is through its relationship with traditional marketing methods versus digital marketing methods, essentially referring back again to what we just discussed above: whether or not you need help getting your message out there via social media platforms such as Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Snapchat etc., these days almost everyone does! And finally…the fourth way in which business owners can ensure their businesses thrive within this uncertain environment will be explored below:

Sustainability is a top priority.

Sustainability is an essential topic for businesses, becoming more so every day. The UN has set a goal of making the world “carbon neutral” by 2050, which means that everyone will have to start reducing their carbon emissions sooner rather than later. As a result, businesses have been looking for ways to reduce their footprint and develop new technologies to help them achieve this goal faster than ever before.

Even if you’re not directly involved in sustainability efforts within your business or at work, there are still plenty of reasons why this is good news:

  • It makes you look good. Being sustainable allows your business to differentiate itself from competitors who aren’t concerned with environmental impacts; this can be especially useful when competing against larger companies that may not care about those things as much (or at all).
  • It helps the environment—and by extension, us humans! Sustainability isn’t just about reducing pollution and protecting natural resources—it also helps keep our air breathable and water drinkable while preserving forests so they don’t die off entirely due to deforestation caused by climate change caused by burning fossil fuels like coal or gas that release greenhouse gases into Earth’s atmosphere contributing significantly toward global warming.

Technology will continue to grow and evolve.

You’ll find that technology will be more accessible to businesses and individuals alike in 2023. This means it will be easier for your customers to interact with you, and it will be easier for them to connect. That’s because technology is becoming more affordable: mobile phones are cheaper than ever, and so are laptops.

Alongside that accessibility comes a change in how we use the tools at our disposal—this change may alter the landscape of business forever. Technology is already being used in new ways that help improve customer experience and workplace productivity (think video conferencing instead of face-to-face meetings).

Be prepared for a lot of change and growth.

To be successful in 2023, you must be prepared for a lot of change and growth. Here are some ways to prepare:

  • First, keep your business up-to-date with new technologies.
  • Maintain high customer service standards and competitive pricing.
  • Finally, stay flexible with your processes and procedures to adapt quickly to shifting market conditions.

What are the main drivers behind these changes? Of course, the most significant factor is technology advancements—the speed at which they happen has increased exponentially over the past ten years. This rate will only accelerate as we move deeper into 2023 and beyond.


In 2023, we will be surrounded by more technology than ever before. Catalysts that businesses need to be prepared for change and growth. As long as you are willing to adapt and take advantage of new opportunities when they arise, there’s no reason why your company can’t thrive in this changing world!

Who am I?

I am Dotun Adeoye, a Business Growth Strategist & Author of the 5 Pillars of Business Growth.

I’ve built up my experience via serial entrepreneurship, consulting leadership roles in business growth, business development and product innovation in large companies worldwide in the last 30 years.

Today, I consult with large businesses on how to sustainably grow their businesses, sustain infinite growth, ensure business continuity and achieve a legacy.

Hire Dotun Adeoye to Speak Virtually or In – Person at your company’s event to cover this or other topics. You can also get in touch via +44 203 097 1718 or dotun at dotunadeoye.com. 




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