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Innovate Africa With Dotun Adeoye Every Sunday

Infinite, sustainable growth ideas and examples for strategic thinking executives every Sunday

5 Fab Apps

5 Fab Apps for Busy People

Published on 2015-03-10 10:51

If you’re anything like me, you will like to have a clear idea of how your day will go, how your journey to your place of daily activities will pan out, get your day sorted and also get yourself back nicely home in one piece.

Apart from your wallet, your closest companion these days is your mobile phone. I have some apps that I use to make the best of the hectic agenda of my daily schedule. They are:

  1. Speaktoit Assistant: Assistant is an intelligent personal assistant application for mobile devices developed by Speaktoit. Originally launched in October 2011 for the Android platform. Assistant has since come to iOS and Windows Phones. Assistant is very helpful as you can just speak to your “assistant” to check the weather, traffic, the lottery result, football result and whatever you really want to know!
  2. Dragon Dictation App: This is a cool app if you write blogs, you are feeling lazy and you just want to dictate emails, you are at a meeting and all you want to do is to take notes by recording. This awesome app will convert to text.
  3. Quora: If you need a quick turnaround and explanation about any subject under the sun, Quora is the app for you. Think about this; Google gives information, and Quora gives explanations about the subject matter.

The app is very effective if you are researching for a presentation, keynote speech etc.

  1. Just Eat: It’s true that we don’t live to eat, but you’ll agree that we eat to live (stay alive)! I’ve found Just Eat to be a great tool for ordering a takeaway on my way to a meeting. Available on all platforms.
  2. Flipboard: Flipboard is your personal magazine. Used by millions of people every day, it’s a single place to keep up on the news, follow topics you care about and share stories, videos and photos that influence you.

Read world-class publications like The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, and Grazia.UK on Flipboard — find any source with the search bar. You can also connect Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to Flipboard and easily flip through pictures and posts from friends.

What’s your favourite app? Did I omit an app that is vital to your productivity? Please add any great app you have come across that you may like to share with the world.

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